Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jersey Shore Conferences, Dirty Novels, Three-Peat KC Art Events, Future Islands, and KU Quidditch

Important Academic Conference of the Year:

The recent UChicago Conference for Jersey Shore studies explored such issues as Deena's role as "a trickster figure, upending the show’s heteronormativity and its power dynamics" and offered presentations with slides like "Bodily Discipline: Foucault + Snooki = BFF."

If we had written our dissertations on topics such as these, we'd probably have better jobs right now.

Dirty Literary Book of the Month:

Despite receiving a lot of praise for its clever wordplay, much of Nicholson Baker's House of Holes: A Book of Raunch sounded (to us) like Chip could have written it. Perhaps a more shocking and satirical work like Helen Dewitt's Lightning Rods will better serve you horny literary types. Here's a synopsis:

"When I heard the premise of DeWitt’s new struck me as both brilliantly satirical and nearly impossible to pull off...With Clinton in office and sexual harassment institutionalized in the White House, Joe is convinced that men cannot reach their true work potential without releasing their sexual urges, which have no place in the workplace. So Joe creates Lightning Rods, Inc., a business that installs “toilet cubicles” in office spaces. The other side of the cubicles contain “lightning rods,” prostitutes hired so men can satisfy their urges while at work, bringing true glory to the idea of the glory hole, and leading to healthy office environments for all." (Time Out New York).

Naturally, this is Chip's pick for future PBR Book Club reading material.

Scenester Pick of the Day:

Future Islands hits the Jackpot tonight for a (supposedly) early show. Pitchfork gives their new album, On the Water, a 7.7 and writes of the lead singer: "He sings every line like Meat Loaf serenading Yorick's skull." Sold.

KC Art Event of the Year:

Our friend Danny Gibson's Quietly Contributing poster exhibition of KC and Larryville bands is proving the perfect event for procrastinating scenesters: it's being held over for the third straight month! The third First Friday opening is tomorrow night at 1819 Central Gallery. And if you still aren't convinced, please note that the Pitch awarded the show its prestigious "Best Scene-Uniting Retrospective" award, deeming it "a giant, overwhelming, colorful shrine to our music community, and a reminder of the staggering talent of one of our city's finest artists." So quit dicking around and go see it, why don't you?

Here's a peek inside the gallery at the floor to ceiling array of posters on display:


With KU Quidditch a major contender in the World Cup (Nov. 12-13 in New York), we'll be providing extensive coverage of the team, which means primarily looking at hilarious pictures of dudes running around with brooms between their legs, like this:

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