Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talkbackers Talk Back About the Newest Set of Library Plans / Scenester Pick of the Day: ANR at Jackpot

Readers, remember when all of us progressives voted for the library expansion last year? Those plans are inching closer to reality as the City Fathers last night approved specific design plans: "a see-through parking garage and a terra cotta-inspired library" (LJ-World).

Let's see if the LJ-World talkbackers are satisfied.

Jayhawker07 says: "I believe that the Library should move to the riverfront mall and stay there."

Pastor_Bedtime says: "Most butt-ugly design ever. Simply horrible looking."

LadyJ asks: "Just wondering if the perforated steel mesh will allow snow to build up inside that will have to be removed."

And Yeoman 2 changes the subject: "Watch your water bills! The city is scheming to get a trash company that will give kickback to the city to finance their damned foolishness. You will pay and pay for this one."

We'd like to show you pictures of the design plans now but LJ-World doesn't include them in the piece.


Many of you probably haven't been to the Replay or the Jackpot since Halloween, two long days ago, so we better check in and see what's happening tonight. The Replay has a band called Beta Maxx, which we are happy to endorse based on name alone, and the Jackpot offers up a Miami band called ANR. We found this interweb description of their song "It's Around You":

"It’s an indebted tune combining the barbershop vocals of TV On The Radio with the apocalyptic lyrical tenderness of something found on The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Throw in some horn stabs and creeping synth reminiscent of Animal Collective and you’ve got this song cornered."

We're suckers for "apocalyptic lyrical tenderness" (why do you think we want to see the film Bellflower so fucking badly), so we'll see you at the Jackpot tonight.

Head to their official site for some free tunes and videos and such.

And check out this album cover with a colorful pony on it!

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