Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupying the Rooftop of Weavers in a Guy Fawkes Mask Will Get You Arrested / Local Video of the Day: Sexy Librarian / Missed Connection of the Week

Just when we were starting to forget Occupy Lawrence, they reminded us of their importance when a renegade member in a Guy Fawkes mask scaled Weaver's department store and chanted "slogans" for half an hour before officers climbed up in a ladder and hauled him away to shouts of "You're my hero" and "This is what democracy looks like."

Chip: "If that's really what democracy looks like, it looks pretty fucking silly, doesn't it?"

PLEASE watch the LJ-World video

And here's an LJ-World photo of the "hero." Does anyone have a masked photo you can send us?


Speaking of local videos, how about we offer you something a little sexier than silly civil disobedience. Check out this "Sexy Librarian" video filmed at Lawrence Public Library and starring The Not So Late Show's Mike Anderson and some sexy librarians.

Chip: "Can someone please send me a copy of this video in which Mike has been digitally removed?"


And enjoy this local Craigslist Missed Connection from Halloween weekend:

"As I mentioned Halloween night... I'm not really from Finland. Although I would learn Finnish just to get innish. JK. When you said you'd be back someday, I couldn't tell if you meant in a couple of years or later this weekend."

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