Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Kickball Preview / Hidden Pictures and Howard Iceberg / Pitchfork Fest Reviews / Glen Duncan's The Last Werewolf

In our opinion, anybody playing kickball today, during a week-long "excessive heat warning, is a fool. But presumably the games will go on. Let's take a look at Coach Cyrus's preview of the 7:00 Liberty Hall Late Fees/Eldridge Ghosts showdown on the KVKL blog :

"Sure, Quantril burnt their building down once, but we burnt ourselves down twice! FEES!!! One of the best games I can recall during my time in the KVKL was when we played The Eldridge during Week 7 in 2008... In triple digit temperatures, at the shade-less Broken Arrow field, with our line-up scribbled on the back of a PBR case, we beat them 21-12. It was pretty great for us. Anyways, they’re a good team, this will be a great game, and if The Eldridge loses they have to turn that ugly-ass parking lot next to their building back into a cute little park."

Good luck, Late Fees. We want that cute little park!


Local scenester (and friend of ours) Richard Gintowt is throwing a 30th birthday bash at today's Replay patio matinee. His band Hidden Pictures is the headliner and legendary KC singer-songwriter Howard Titanic is also on the bill in the early slot. We're a little worried about poor Howard up there at 7:00 with the sun in his face. He's no spring chicken. Hell, we're a little worried about ourselves in this heat too. But we plan to stop by and listen to the sweet sounds of Hidden Pictures anyway. Look for us singing along drunkenly with "Anne Apparently" and "Alexander Bell." Study up on their Bandcamp page so you can do the same.

Let's look at this old photo of Richard. Happy birthday!


Day 2 of Pitchfork Fest has come and gone, and everything we streamed yesterday was as boring as the last. Perhaps it plays differently in a live setting, but we just can't imagine the experimental tendencies of so many hipster-beloved bands lending themselves to large open-air spaces.

Here's a scathing take on yesterday's proceedings from legendary music-scribe Jim DeRogatis:

"Was Manhattan’s arty electronic Gang Gang Dance as bad as Animal Collective in Grateful Dead mode Friday night? Almost. And at least Panda Bear and pals had a light show. The set started out with about 10 minutes of grooveless beeps, squiggles, and synthesizer farts, and things only got marginally better when the drum machine kicked in. The utter lack of dynamic range, melodic ideas, rhythmic originality, or sonic diversity of any kind made the hourlong set easily seem six times as long. Rating for Gang Gang Dance: 2.5. "

Chip: "I love it when these bands get called out, instead of embraced, for their experimental noodling!"

Richard: "I enjoy grooveless beeps, but only in the right atmosphere, such as theReplay, late at night, while under the influence of 'shrooms or some nice bath salts."

One of the most anticipated books of the summer has finally arrived: Glen Duncan's very literary, very meta, very sexy The Last Werewolf. It gets a (mostly) rave NY-Times review which is titled "A Melancholy Werewolf's Existential Howl." The review is written by Justin Cronin (author of last summer's post-apocalyptic vampire-zombie novel The Passage).

A few excerpts from the review :

"Two centuries of undead living have endowed [the narrator] with a vast pile of cultural capital and a linguistic style that swings gleefully between the wisecracking cynicism of his noir namesake and the syntactical curlicues of Humbert Humbert...Even at the novel’s most bluntly biological, its register scrapes the ceiling. Not a few readers will find themselves scrambling to the dictionary to look up words only vaguely recalled from SAT prep courses. (I did.)."

Looks like the book's intelligence level rules out the adult readers of the Harry Potter and Twilight series! Finally, a monster book for literary geeks. We plan to read the entire thing straight through this afternoon. Chip is especially excited by this promise:

"Here too is a great deal of heroically athletic sex — a werewolf should deliver nothing less."

Chip: "It's true. Werewolves are the horniest of creatures. They love to fuck."

But is there really anything here we didn't do first (and better) in our multi-authored, very meta Harry Lupus series that ran on this blog for awhile? Doubtful.

Illustration from the NY-Times review:

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