Monday, July 11, 2011

Community Event of the Week: SRS Closure Meeting at Plymouth Church / Recent Pitchfork Reviews: Washed Out and John Maus

Readers, it's too hot to do much of anything in Larryville this week, but it's never too hot to show up and yell loudly about shit that pisses you off. Tonight's community meeting on the Larryville SRS closure promises to be huge. It's scheduled at Plymouth Congregational Church at 7:00.

Chip: "Is that the church that baptizes the rabbit on Easter and meets each Thursday afternoon at the bar at Henry's to try to reconcile believing in God with being hip."

That's right, Chip.

We plan to be there to hear some good zingers such as this one from Roy Gridley's recent LJ-World editorial:

"Charles Gruber has dared to compare Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach to Quantrill (Public Forum, July 6). True, Quantrill, too, made a punitive raid on Lawrence. But unlike Brownback and Kobach, Quantrill did not target women and children, the sick and the poor."

Will you be joining us at tonight's meeting?


We voted Washed Out's Within and Without the "Sexy Album Cover of the Week" way back in May (read that post here ), when photos appeared on the interweb, but the album itself is just now released and reviewed by Pitchfork. Verdict: Pitchfork digs their "chillwave" and gives the album an 8.3. Here's an excellent, provocative Pitchfork statement for you scenesters to debate this week:

"Despite being the butt of jokes because of its goofy but actually spot-on name, chillwave as an idea and a sound is here to stay. Synthesizers are in; guitar-based rock has taken a backseat to diffuse, rhythmic dance music; and the sound's key influences (broken, blissed-out electronica, hip-hop) have leached into most interesting music happening right now."

Discuss amongst yourselves, while Chip continues to beat off to the album cover and the sensual chillwave sounds:

"The album's also very sensual and not just because of the American Apparel-lite album cover." (Pitchfork).

Also getting high marks from Pitchfork is John Maus' We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves.
It scores an 8.4.

"...then there's "Matter of Fact" immediately thereafter, a song whose staccato, orc-like chorus line is "Pussy is not a matter of fact." They're not the kind of earworms you want to find yourself singing aloud in public, but it might happen anyway."

Chip: "It will almost certainly happen."

And what's an "orc-like chorus?" Presumably a chorus sung in the way that an orc might sing it? Perhaps our geek readers can explain.

Pitchfork also writes:

"Maus' monastic, cellar-level singing lends the song the feel of a Gregorian chant-led exercise tape."

This just gave us an idea: make a Gregorian-chant led exercise tip and sell it to scenesters.

And speaking of Pitchfork, their Festival approaches. We know that @Beer_Attack and @oxfordist will be in attendance? Let's hope they send us the inside scoop!

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