Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scenester Pick of the Day: Strange Boys, White Mystery, Spook Lights at Jackpot / Missed Connection of the Week / Video Game of the Week

Austin's Strange Boys hit the Jackpot tonight. Back in 2009, Pitchfork raved that their first album was "suited for pool hall scuffles."

Chip: "That's high praise down in Fort Scott."

Pitchfork is a little less enamored with 2010's Be Brave (it gets a 6.6):

"...the Boys' cautious pacing doesn't always hold up to close listening. A lot of these moments leave you feeling antsy, with hope that another one of their deranged sock-hop jams might be lurking somewhere around the corner."

We're confident they'll bring plenty of "sock-hop jams" tonight, and even if they don't, you've still got raucous sets from Larryville's own Spook Lights as well as White Mystery, which we first recommended to you when they stopped at the Replay in March:

"It's great fun to see the redheaded siblings headbanging like matching "Fraggle Rock" puppets in their ecstatic live show" (Pitchfork).

Read our original post about White Mystery here .

We'll leave you with this photo from the Spook Lights upcoming sci-fi opus The Galactic Jungle. It's the Rockwood Space Station and, believe it or not, the boner design was not even Chip's idea.

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This week's Larryville Missed Connection on Craigslist is a "m4m" entry inspired by an encounter in the gay/lesbian section at The Dusty Bookshelf:

"You were playing with the cat and I had a BONER!!! I was massaging it through my pocket. You were tall. tight. long flowing horse-like locks. I hope the carpet matches the drapes. I think your name was Tyrell... I'm looking mostly for ass play mostly. laterz. I should mention I was born a woman."

If you have any information on this horse-haired cat lover, please visit Craigslist and help out our horny friend!


Now that video games have officially been declared "art" by the Supreme Court, which also struck down California's ban on selling violent video games to young people, let's showcase a few of the games that today's kids love so well.

First up, Boneless Girl:

"Poke and pull this scantily clad babe all over bubble-land. You'll be amazed by the small spaces she can fit through, and throwing her across the screen never gets old."

Our feminist readers: "We just vomited."

Play a few rounds of Boneless Girl here

Here's a screen shot:

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