Tuesday, July 19, 2011

C V L T S at Replay Tonight / Talkbackers Talk Back About the Future of Mass. Street / Controversial Movie Poster of the Week: Nurse 3D

The excessive heat warning marches on toward the weekend and we're all feeling a little loopy. How hot IS it? It's so hot we (briefly) switched from PBR to snow cones yesterday afternoon. It's so hot Chip's boner is wilting like a delicate flower. It's almost as hot as Mila Kunis will be in this weekend's Friends With Benefits (Richard: "It's like they filmed one of my dreams.").

But if you're brave enough to venture out, tonight brings a good scenester opportunity: C V L T S at the Replay.

"The band is stopping in Lawrence for its last show in the US before it catches a plane to perform at the Creepy Teepee Festival in the Czech Republic at the end of the month" (L.com).

And www.imposemagazine.com offers this take on the band's new album:

"C V L T S' "Mirror Face" takes their quintessential sound-tracky minimal synth ambles and tunes them into a wind field of textural drone, and the results are utterly dreamy."

If the song "Flashlight Soliloquy" does not feature a moment in which someone delivers a soliloquy by flashlight, we'll be very disappointed.

Visit their Bandcamp page here .


We were glued to our computer screens yesterday morning during the LJ-World live-blog roundtable which featured, among others, local developer Doug Compton and City Father Bob ("How about a Fat Tire Amber Ale? Right. Now.") Schumm.

But our favorite part may have been the talkback, especially this cogent assessment from Wissmo about why Manhattan's downtown functions better than ours:

"OMG, a biscuit and gravy hippy joint went belly up down there [on Mass. Street], and we think major companies are standing in line to lose money. Good golly, 3 buck breakfasts, no employee benefits, low rent, and no profit. Yes, they went belly up. Yes, what a business climate. Add in hairy wet shelter dirty men and women begging for money then some unique hand made printer paper magic marker advertising, wow, what a deal. Oh, we can all point to Free State Brewery with pride and say something on the order what a wonderful place it is. Folks, everybody everywhere has a Free State Brewery now. Manhattan has is right, local well oiled (money to operate) and local ownership."

Is the "biscuit and gravy hippy joint" a reference to Paradise Cafe?


Like most moviegoers, we're turning against big-budget films with their unnecessary 3D elements. But we're still in favor of good old-fashioned 3D sex-and-violence exploitation. Based on its controversial poster of a naked, blood-covered Paz de la Huerta, Nurse 3D may be just the ticket.

Our feminist readers: "The medical theme is indeed appropriate. Truly, our culture is diseased."

Chip: "I've never been a huge fan of the horror genre's consistent linking of sex and violence but I find it easy enough with this poster to tune out the blood and focus on Paz's nipple.

We'll leave some space before the poster so you sensitive types can avoid the imagery if you desire. The rest of you can scroll down and click to enlarge.

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