Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Dumpster Diving Art Project is Underway! / Final Friday Photos / Dennis Art

Readers, we don't have a lot of time to blog this weekend because we're hard at work on our dumpster diving art project in which we photograph a single dumpster at various intervals to watch how items come and go. We believe this will produce a profound statement on...something (consumption and desire and economic circumstances and college life, etc etc). And we hope to exhibit our photographs at a future Final Friday.

You can see updates on our Twitter account @LarryvilleLife during the weekend, and we'll collect the photos for a future blog entry. In the meantime, here are two of them, in which a collection of items is snatched up within a few hours, leaving only a lonely Dust Devil to hold vigil at the Dumpster.


And here are a few pics we snapped on our Final Friday sojourn.

1) Katy Perry at Lawrence Art Party (former Maurice's building). Notice how her boobs are personified with the shirt. Chip had a boner and had to stand in front of the picture for a very long time until it subsided. Note the dude who is staring at the American flag but (we suspect) secretly looking at Perry's boobs.

2) Turtle Claw (Social Services League building). Strangely enough, this one also gave Chip a boner, for some reason.

3) Dennis on a ride at the fair (window of Maurice's building).


Dennis art, it seems, is very hip right now. Have you seen the controversial new "Dear Lawrence" photography contest submission of Dennis in front of the new Compton building, with a caption that reads, "Where did our sky go?" Brilliant cultural commentary? Exploitation of the mentally disabled? Or both?

See the full photo gallery of the ongoing Dear Lawrence project at the LJ-World site .

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