Monday, July 25, 2011

Talkbackers Talk Back About the Lawrence Public Library Design Plans / We Hang Out With Monzie Leo / A Rant and Rave From Larryville Craigslist

Local progressives mingled at the Lawrence Public Library at a reception last night which unveiled the design for the $19 million expansion plan. Here it is:

Let's see if the LJ-World talkbackers are pleased:

KUweatherman "Doesn't fit at all with anything downtown. Looks like a child's Lincoln Log set. Next design, please..."

Lady J: "And yet the Dillon's design was not approved because it was too nondescript."

Deec: "How very suburban business park this looks."

Verity: "The Wescoe of downtown Lawrence. I mean that is one butt-ugly building."

Thank goodness for Alabamastreet, whose post offers this rejoinder to the haters: "The dark silhouettes in the back of the drawing are the souls of posters on the - wandering aimlessly through the Universe in search of friendship and validation."


While the progressives ate cookies and looked at library plans and the haters hated, we were down the street enjoying a Replay matinee by Monzie Leo and Big Sky. Monzie's real name is Joel, and he used to be in the metal band Stull (named after the town just down the road which houses one of the gates of Hell). We never saw Stull, but we understand that their sets often conjured up the Devil himself, who would then rock out with them for a few tunes. Monzie Leo and Big Sky is not metal. It's slow dirges played on guitar and washboard and fiddle combined with occasional a cappella numbers (seriously). But the lyrics are still metal. They're all about "tonight we'll die" and blackbirds and coyotes and shit. Chip was pretty scared, but we chatted with Joel for a bit afterward and he seemed like a nice dude (with a William Burroughs tattoo on his arm) who was more than pleased to tell us where the name Monzie Leo came from. It's his grandfather's name. And his grandfather drank his way across the country before drinking himself to death in a tavern out West on New Year's Eve (in 1976, we think). Joel wants to reclaim the name in tribute to his grandfather and he's happy if you call him Monzie Leo. And we're happy to do it, because we love the name Monzie ("It reminds us of the name Fonzie," we told Monzie, who responded, somewhat oddly: "Of course it does! It's an old Scottish name.").

[Part of today's goal has been to insure that the name Monzie Leo is the first Google search result if one ever has occasion to Google the name "Monzie Leo." Go see if it works].

Here they are singing an a cappela number while a small child approaches the stage to try to figure out what the fuck is going on up there (click to enlarge):


We don't dip into the "rants and raves" section of the Larryville Craigslist very often because we usually get plenty of craziness from the LJ-World talkbackers, but occasionally we spot something too good to resist, like this critique of Larryville women:

"Look, it's no wonder people in Lawrence are lonely. Nobody is really close with each other. The name of the game here is distance. Even when I've been in bed with girls here it's like they're not even there, they don't even want to be touched because they're so uncomfortable with their bodies and there's no passion in it at all--yes, I'm saying Lawrence girls are BAD IN BED, and are bad lovers entirely. I mean c'mon!! I've seriously gone down on three girls and they told me to stop! WTF?!"

Chip: "This may well be true of apathetic lady scenesters who'd rather be playing around on than playing with a boner, but when I fantasize about Quinton's waitresses, this is not at ALL how I imagine them to be. Zing! Quinton's joke. First one in a long time."

Read the full rant and rave here

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