Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Attend a Taping of Channel 6's Not So Late Show / Sidewalk Sale Photo / Progressive Pick of the Day: Vanishing of the Bees

Our summer investigation of the public face of Larryville comedy took us first to the new "Dark Times With Jay Maus" show at the Granada (our report is here ).

Yesterday we paid a visit to another new venture as we sat in on a taping of Channel 6's "Not So Late Show" with host Mike Anderson. Lucky for us, the guest on this day was none other than Victor Continental, the crown prince of Larryville comedy, in the house to promote this weekend's annual shenanigans at Liberty Hall. Seeing Victor (slightly) out of character before the taping--wearing glasses and sitting with (presumably) his wife and daughter and being called Jerry--was a bit startling: imagine if you bumped into Chip in a library, reading a physics book. But we were mightly impressed by Victor's pre-taping singing skills, as he joined Anderson (on guitar) in a raucous cover of 4 Non-Blondes "What's Going On." On stage for the interview later, "Jerry" slipped comfortably into character, promoting his new burger at Dempsey's with a spectacularly filthy sex joke (involving messiness and a warm washcloth) and teasing us with bits of info about this weekend's show that might or might not be true, such as a musical version of Larryville's classic nuclear disaster epic: The Day After (most likely this is real).

The day's first guest, however, was Chris Fitz, a promoter of the upcoming Kanrocksas festival (yes, we're still bitter that they denied us a media pass because our blog's demographic doesn't suit their "targeting" campaign). Fitz insisted that the festival's line-up was the greatest line-up in the history of festivals. We felt Anderson needed to be feisty in this interview (we'd have tossed in an edgy Altamount reference to get a rise out of the corporate "suit"), but instead he mostly reacted, letting Fitz, not a particularly funny fellow, lead the interview (the tactic worked fine with Victor later, since Victor likes to lead and needs room to riff). The taping itself ended with Anderson (during a break) donning a Kanrocksas "green man" leotard and bidding us adieu from behind his desk, but we think he should have been prancing atop the desk in that suit (Chip: "Those things are funny because they show off your dingus.").

All in all, a pleasant outing but we hope Anderson amps up the local humor of the show and gets a little bolder in his interviewing.

Chip: "We're being extra-nice because I hope to be a future guest on this show."


If you're like us, you're currently camped out at one of the "cooling stations" taking a brief break from the heat of the sidewalk sale before heading back into the fray to buy stuff you don't need at slightly reduced prices.

Here's a woman at the sale who seems to have been attacked by a large snake (photo from gallery at LJ-World):


If you're a local progressive who listens to Bill Maher a lot, you're probably worried as hell about the vanishing of the bees ("colony collapse disorder"). So make sure to stop by Pachamama's tonight at 7:00 to watch the documentary Vanishing of the Bees (narrated by Ellen Page, who is also concerned about the bees).

Richard: "I simply cannot believe that local band Colony Collapse is not booked for this show. What an oversight on someone's part."

Head to the official website and watch the trailer, in which one reviewer calls the film the "bee's knees."

Chip: "We joke, but we are really pretty fucking concerned about the bees."

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