Saturday, July 2, 2011

The LC Gets Some Sweet Support From Elvis Costello's Website / Scenester Moment of the Week: Captain Kansas and Eric Mardis / Jammin For Joplin

First off, we'd like to congratulate...ourselves, since our review of Elvis Costello's Thursday night show at the Crossroads in KC was chosen for inclusion on Costello's official website. Check it out now while it's still at the top of the page. We're very excited that so many Costello fans have clicked the link and visited our blog. Chip never expected so many people to read his boner jokes (and this newfound fame is going straight to his boner!).


We like to showcase moments that are pure "Larryville," and last night's Megalomania songwriter-showcase matinee at the Replay contained a few of them.

We arrived just in time to see Captain Kansas, bedecked in a state flag cape, take the stage to strum a tune about Senator Jerry Moran licking Governor Brownback's "nutsack."

Chip: "I love that kind of subtle satire."

Afterward, Split Lip Rayfield's Eric Mardis took the stage and within five minutes made a reference to Larryville's long-lost, much-loved Paradise Cafe and saluted the crowd with a Doorkno (a Hamm's on ice) which he had only recently discovered. We're a little surprised Mardis is just now discovering this nectar of the hipster gods, but we're happy he's found it! Mardis threatned to play a full set of Phil Collins' songs (strumming a few chords from "Easy Lover"), but opted instead to go Broadway on our asses with what we suspect was a song from "Jesus Christ Superstar" (hard to tell, in the back, but we know Mardis has a long scenester history with that play: photo below). Even though we weren't really planning to check out the Split Lip show tonight at the Replay's mysterious "annual fish fry," the set made us think to ourselves, Shit, we're probably going to have to check out the Split Lip show tonight and hoist one for Kirk.


Since we know that most of our scenester readers have short, PBR-impaired memories, we leave you with one more reminder of tonight's Jammin for Joplin event at the Replay. Please head over to the Facebook event page to say that you are attending. And then attend.

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