Friday, July 15, 2011

Local Photography Contest / Weekend Scenester Guide: Potter, Protests, and Rock and Roll / Checking In With Style Scout / Yard Sale of the Century!

LJ-World is promoting a "Dear Lawrence" version of the "Dear Photograph" project:

"People bring old photographs to the exact locations where they were shot years ago. Then, quite literally, you take a picture of that old picture in the location as it looks today" (LJ-World).

We're looking for a large photograph of Replay scenesters circa mid-90's to juxtapose with the Replay scenesters of today. Can anyone help us out? Get in touch. Seriously.

Submissions are due on August 15. See the full story and guidelines here .

Here's a photo from the LJ-World:


1) This weekend marks the end of a pop culture era as the final Harry Potter film hits theaters. Our wands are tingling with anticipation.

Chip: "Actually, I may opt for the new Pooh film instead. It cracks me up when his fat ass gets stuck in the cave. That bear sure loves honey!"

2) Our Twitter buddies The Noise FM hit the Bottleneck tonight (with Quiet Corral and The Photo Atlas). We can dig the music of Noise, but what we really enjoy is their erotic Boy Meets World fan-fiction, which they occasionally write on their Twitter feed.

Check out this video of a recent show in which a very drunk fellow joins them on stage at around the 6:30 mark. You will laugh.

3) Hospital Ships have a Replay gig tonight. Now that they are basically a household word, have scenesters turned against them yet?

4) If you didn't get all the shouting out of your system at Monday's SRS meeting, there's another chance Saturday morning: a SAVE SRS rally in South Park at 9:30. We're hoping this event features a lot of great protest signs (none were in evidence at the Monday meeting).

Richard: "My sign reads "FU, Governor!' What it lacks in subtlety and profundity, it makes up for in unbridled rage."

5) Seattle's Redwood Plan takes the stage at the Replay on Saturday evening. They are a dance band. But it's too fucking hot to dance. Look at them:


This week's Style Scout of Josie McCoy, 21, gets our vote as the best in a very long time! She describes her look as "’70s throwback/’90s grunge/Native American wannabe," lists Mary Kate Olsen as a fashion influence, and sometimes is compared to Mischa Barton. Josie works at Urban Outfitters. Knowing this, Chip is likely to stop by a little more often.

Where is her photo taken? It's nice to see a piece of graffiti in the background that, for once, does not say AJAX.


Only in Larryville would someone write this kind of a description of a yard sale on Craigslist. Thanks to our friend Katie for sending it to us. It's happening today and tomorrow. Check it out. Apparently it will get you laid.

"Bob's Excellent Yard Sale Adventure 7/15-7/16 (1307 Connecticut)

Bob didn't have that much going for him. He worked accounts receivable at a local shower curtain ring distribution plant. Although business was strong, he felt that something was lacking. Something essential. Something profound. Something that would imbue his life with a sense of purpose, of meaning; he was a ship afloat, hopelessly navigating the changing tides of an otherwise banal doldrums.

Bob tried to fill the void. He tried women. He tried betting on the horses. Some nights, he would simply leave his house and wander aimlessly. He would look in shop windows; he would see people eating and talking and laughing and drinking from life as if it were a veritable and ever-replenishing source of sustenance. He wanted that. He yearned for it, that sense of belonging. That sense of being a small but important part of something timeless and great.

What Bob needed was a symbol. A crest. A token that stood for something substantial, something permanent. One day, he happened upon a yard sale located at 1307 Connecticut. He remembered the day clearly. It was on July 15, 2011. It was a Friday at around 8 a.m. (the sale was also going on the following day, Saturday, July 16th). As he approached the green house, located near the cross streets of Connecticut and 13th in Lawrence, KS, he could feel a new spark. A growing of anticipation the likes of which he had never experienced. At this sale, he found new life. He bought lamps, home furnishings, dishes, chairs, TVs, odds, ends, handbags, shirts, picture frames, art, blankets, candelabras, shoes, oven mitts, bookends, hand towels, various sundry items, engine blocks, scientific journals, patents of nobility, moustache trimmers, rubber bands, gumball dispensers, car speakers, dog kennels, rocket ships, unicorns, hummingbird feeders, and tapes and CDs.

Bob was also surprised at the amicable conversation provided, free of charge, by the proprietors of the sale.

Quickly thereafter, Bob got laid every night. And I mean really laid.

Moral of the story: Consider doing something for yourself. Get laid."

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I was right there the day they were taking the picture of the picture of the building, walking by. And they went with the redhead.