Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Final Friday Coverage Begins / Scenester Pick of the Week: Mammoth Life CD Release Party at Jackpot on Thursday

This month's Final Friday is just around the corner and today we highlight a few events that have caught our eye so far:

1) Alicia Kelly's "Today Smells Like Today" at Acme. Mainly we like the adorable title, and we're hoping there's some kind of scratch-and-sniff art going on.

2) Another event that sounds cute is "Animals and Stuff" at the Lawrence Public Library. The press release promises that "there IS a drawing of a plush rabbit."

3) Teller's offers "Dungeons and Dragons," by Geoff Benzing, "a collection of pencil and ink drawings on matte board inspired from everyday life, role playing games, and the UFO phenomenon." We fear there will be a lot of cos-playing geeks mingling around disturbing the diners who are out for a romantic Friday evening meal.

4) And Ben Prawn's "End of Days Parade" at Invisible Hand is our most-anticipated event so far, based on this baffling excerpt from the artist's statement:

"The headless characters have not been decapitated, but they may have been. There is an internal narrative to the paintings that makes no actual sense. They have recurring characters - kind of but not really. If they were arranged in a story book it would make as much sense to read it backwards. Henny Penny would be sprinkled throughout it."

See you on the art scene.


If you love a good costume party, don't miss Mammoth Life's CD release (and farewell to Larryville) party this Thursday at the Jackpot (with Cowboy Indian Bear and Cloud Dog). ML have been touring hard and working hard on new band uniforms all summer long, and this is your last chance to catch them locally before they move out to California. They were nice enough to pass along to us their new EP, "Small Town Rock and Roll Kids," and we've been grooving with its catchy, bouncy pop songs all summer. We love Elizabeth's repeated mantra of "Let it sway" on the title track (she can stretch the word "sway" out for an impressive length of time), and "An Oasis in the Midwest" is a lovely tribute to Larryville: "It's quite a scene and it's worth being seen." When Elizabeth sings about "A bona fide moment down on Mass. Street," Chip always pumps his fist in the air like a frat boy. We hope they close with this song on Thursday, and we encourage you to sway and raise your fists in the air and think about how hip you are, and how the town will be a little less hip when Nicholas and Elizabeth move away.

Visit their website here .


dbkundalini said...

Mammoth Life is moving? Damn, I saw them at Walmart the other day but didn't say hello because I didn't want to seem like a pathetic fan-old-man.

local scenester said...

They were at Wal-Mart eh? Unhip!