Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Boys Reflect on Stop Day Eve and Offer Their Pick for Event of the Day! / Also: Style Scout!

The boys' fondness for the local holiday known as Stop Day Eve has been well-documented here. What's not to love about a day that's centered entirely around college students taking a break from their studies in order to get fucked-up and then get fucked?

But is fall's Stop Day Eve as nice as the one in spring? Well, no. There's just something about the warm weather in May followed by the promise of three months of vacation that makes people especially horny. And with tonight's sub-zero windchills, it's a safe bet that even the sluttiest of sorostitutes will be dressed in layers as opposed to the revealing attire of spring, not to mention less prone to having sex in the alley behind the Wheel. Still, it's a treat to remove all those layers at the end of the evening. It's sort of like opening a Christmas present. A very nubile Christmas present. And a man with a warm car outside the Hawk at 2:00 might do very well for himself.

But where do the boys plan to go tonight? Abe and Jake's, of course, is the obvious bet. But the more in-the-know crowd may stay closer to campus given tonight's frigid weather and opt for the newly opened dance-club called The Cave which is (somehow) already functioning in the still-half-constructed Oread Inn near campus and hosting a Stop Day Eve party showcasing the club's "state-of-the-art lights, lazers, smoke and bubble machines, and sound" ( (Richard: "Lazers are even more awesome than lasers!").

Chip: "I'm going to pick up a group of sorostitutes at The Cave and go spelunking, if you catch my meaning."


Today's Style Scout profiles Thomas Hardy (no, not the dude who wrote Tess of the D'Urbervilles), a 24 year old Larryvillean who describes his look as "Western meets geek," speaks of his fondness for vests, and offers this explanation of his distaste for the trend of "backward hats": "One time at Henry’s, this guy wearing a backward hat spilled my full drink."

Chip: "Quit crying, Hardy, I totally apologized for that."

So, ladies, is he stylish, or isn't he?

Today's Scout is brought to us by our favorite fashion-blogger Katy Seib.l, who has recently been offering us many looks at her new short haircut, which was the result of a contest on her blog in which viewers could vote on her new look. Here's one of those shots:

Richard: "I voted no on the short haircut, but I still find her outrageously attractive."


fully in favor of stop week! said...

Here's a vote for a "new look" for Katy: pictures indoors!

And Thomas, the backward hat "trend" has really been bugging me, too. Stupid Johnny Bench.

Nothing says high-class hotel like an all ages dance club called The Cave!

cave-dweller said...

I've got my spelunking gear on and am ready to dance!

beth said...

Western-Geek dude is kinda cute. In or out? My vote is "in"

B. Cassidy and Sundance Geek said...

We didn't know you had a thing for Western geeks, Beth. Live and learn.