Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The LC's Science Corner! / And a Visit to "Anna Undercover's" Stripper Blog!

Now that our good friend Dr. C's "Stately Pleasure Domes" blog is defunct, the boys' have lost a great source for fascinating scientific facts (not to mention occasional pictures of titties).

Major news out of the world of science yesterday, however, simply can't be ignored, so we'll cover it ourselves.

It seems that an octopus has been spotted carrying coconut shells which are then used to construct a shelter, offering us "the first evidence of tool use in an invertebrate animal" (interweb; picture below of octopus hiding in shell).

Chip: "So far the media is ignoring the terrifying side of this discovery, which is that these fuckers might continue to evolve until they come right up out of the ocean and use their many tentacles to enslave us and take our jobs and steal our wives."


The boys love "Anna Undercover's" local stripper blog, but local conservatives continue to take her to task in her talkbacks section due to her "immoral" lifestyle.

In the comments-section of her most recent post, "Pogo" writes:

"Dirty words from dirty minds; written in a toilet town

stripping is a Grade D- job in the entertainment industry; it's like being in a “rock band”, which is also most typically Grade D- entertainment from the Peter Pan set.

This strumpet might want to get over herself. It's going to catch up with her anyway….one way or the other….."

"Anna" herself is prone to appearing in the comments section to offer rebuttals, and she gives as good as she gets (which sounds delightfully dirty).

At one point she claims that she loves intelligent "disses" of her chosen profession:

"If a truly exceptional person wields words written or spoken with the sensitivity and dexterity of a genius, they can never dis me enough!

When I am lucky enough to meet such a person, I quietly pull them close to me, secretly hoping they will delight me with some bitingly clever 'abuse.'...

...More satisfying than any physical climax, I quietly crave these 'disses' more than anything else in the world."

Richard: "Wow, this chick is kinkier than I thought, and I'd love to 'diss' her while getting a lapdance.'"

Chip: "Her use of the word 'climax' gave me a boner."

Check out the full talkback and Anna's discussion of her upcoming trip to Paris here:


castle aaaarrrrrrggggghhhh said...

Octopi have nothing on swallows. They've been carrying around coconuts for years! "Proof?!" you cry? Here ya go:

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna the Stripper,

if it's abuse you like, then you're the woman for me. Face it: all my friends say I'm a lover, not a fighter. And that is why I only hit women....come to Butt-head...

Dr. C said...

Defunct? Now, that hurts. I'm just working on other projects and it's hard finding time.

More important than invertebrate tool use is the first true example of non-human fellatio. In case you missed it:

Ladies, note that simultaneous fellatio might be the best way to increase the length of intercourse with your man. If you're not flexible enough to do it yourself, perhaps you need an assistant.

correction said...

Sorry, we should have said "on hiatus."

But your post here perfectly reveals why we miss the Domes so terribly! Chip never knows those kinds of facts, and Richard only knows about hipster-sex, which never includes fellatio because you can't drink PBR when your mouth is otherwise occupied.