Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Boys Check In With A. Rusc.n's Hipster Photo Spreads /Also: Is a New KU Sports Scandal In the Works?!

When future historians write the history of Larryville hipsterism, A. Rusc.n's photos on will surely be one of the most valuable resources. The intrepid photographer was on hand (of course) at the recent Farmer's Ball and those pictures have finally appeared on the site this week (late as always).

Let's examine three of them.

Richard: "I'm increasingly willing to look ridiculous if it will help me get laid at the Replay or Jackpot, and I think a mustache may be just the ticket. But which style should I cultivate? I'm thinking the one on the right."

Chip: "I wonder who he likes best: Ol'Dirty Bastard or the RZA?"

Obviously, this is Jesus in a NASCAR shirt.


An article in today's LJ-World sports section focuses on the free throw shooting abilities of the men's basketball team. In the piece, Markief Morris talks about how Coach S.lf recently tried to rattle Thomas Robinson during his attempt to make five in a row:

“Coach started grabbing him and said, ‘You’ve got a nice body,’ and Thomas missed the last one.”

Richard: "Be careful there, Coach! If you ever start to lose a few games, they'll accuse you of inappropriate 'touching' and homoerotic or homophobic comments, depending on how that's interpreted."

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Of course Jesus loves NASCAR said...

He's an American, ain't he?