Friday, December 18, 2009

The Boys Box-Office Report: Avatar! / Plus, Hipster Photo of the Weekend!

Readers, we don't have much time to spare today because, like all true film-lovers, we are currently in line to watch a $500 million (?), three hour, 3D, environmentalist action picture full of Amazonian blue creatures called Na'vi's.

Yes, fanboy excitement (and skepticism) has been at fever-pitch for months, but what do the geeks think now that it's finally "fucking their eyeballs?" (a phrase they've been using throughout the year).

Let's turn to geek-central, AICN, for answers:

antonphd says: "I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't love the fuck out of this film. Honestly. They have fallen from grace as film watchers. They have become too wise for their own good. When you can't love a film like this... you have lost touch with your humanity. You are a poor lost soul. I'm completely serious. This movie is all heart and strength and love and beauty and awe and grace and mercy and triumph and if you can['t] connect with it then you have [become] a fucker. Plain and simple. And I feel sorry for you. You are really missing out on life. Not because you missed out on loving this film, but because if you can't love this film then you simply have a problem with loving anything."

kinetickoala says: "Just saw it. And it was fantastic. By the way, unobtanium is a real scientific term. I'm tired of saying this a trillion times. And your criticism of the dragons is came in with a set idea that they would be stupid. No wonder thats what you wound up thinking. Lastly: The Na'Vi that Saldana played looked exactly like her, so I don't know what you're talking about when you say only the avatars look like their real life human counterparts."

And, finally, Mariusz says: "I'm not impressed. This is the equivalent of the much anticipated Guns N' Roses album: Chinese Democracy. In closing, what a pair of limp dicks."

See you at the multiplex. And in the meantime, enjoy the following picture from A. Rusc.n's recent photo-shoot at the Cursive concert. This guy is so hip he can't even choose between PBR and Miller High-Life ("the champagne of beers"): he must have them both at all times.


My biscuits are burning said...

Hot Mormon muffins is more than just a calendar, it's a cause. Everybody ought to support it. Good find, Nog.

The comments you list about Avatar seem to reflect what I'm seeing in general on the interweb. I think people generally seem to feel strongly about it, but how any given person will feel is impossible to say until you've seen it.

nog said...

My overall feeling was bored.

Sweet-ass dragons though!