Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Boys Consider the New Look of / Also, Bellydancing!

Just when local hipsters were finally adjusting to the recent changes in their beloved guide to local culture, the "homies" of (as they consistently term themselves, in a baffling and possibly racist manner) have changed the look of their site yet again, incorporating some sort of high-tech bar of images at the top that lets you scroll through the most important hipster stories.

What do the readers think? Let's look at their comments:

bd eek, the mysterious local graffiti artist who never appears in public, writes: I have came, I have looked and now I leave feeling very underwhelmed.

artstew (obvious lover of sentence fragments) says: "If you fixed your calendar system so events did not repeat into infinity even if they have ended. Where you could download them into iCal (or Google Calendar, etc.) with all of information attached (like the name and address of the event location ... hint, hint). Then I think your site would still have some redeeming qualities.

And, finally, Keith writes, "Just think of it as 'Go' for the thirtysomethings."


Like it or not, however, surely we can all agree that the site's profile today of local bellydancers is top-notch.

In this piece, we learn that Amber Proct.r, Larryville's sexiest belly-dancer (pictured below), has now started her own company called Chainsaw Shimmy Productions, which is currently "performing more provocative tribal-fusion dance at nightspots like Wilde’s Chateau 24 and The Jazzhaus."

Amber explains that, "Belly dance is probably the oldest form of dance in the world, and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it was used to teach girls a little something about sex."

Chip: "Watching it has taught me many things about sex."

Amber's company performs at the Jazzhaus tonight. See you there.

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