Friday, December 4, 2009

The Boys Consider's Resignation

So, after weeks of controversy, Coach agreed yesterday to a contract buyout, resigning before AD L.w could fire him or have him assassinated. Now that the time has come for our Coach to make his exit, surely we can all put aside our various feelings on his tactics (and his weight) and congratulate on his years of service that took a mediocre (at best) program all the way to an Orange Bowl victory. Let's check in on some of the KUSports talkbacks to hear some well-wishes from local fans.

stuckinchanute (anonymous) says... "Adios meatball!"

cshjhawk (anonymous) says... "He can now go home and be with his homies!"

Bontster023 (anonymous) says... "Fare well mangina"

blue73harley (Anonymous) says… "The shortage situation on Eggo waffles in Lawrence has just improved."

Chip says: "I like that last one. Somehow this blog has not yet addressed the most severe crisis facing this great land: the Eggo waffle shortage caused by production interruptions at the waffle-plants. We're all so focused on issues like and Afghanistan this week that people seem to be forgetting the things that truly affect the common man, like whether or not I have enough fucking Eggos to get me through the winter."


Anonymous said...

Being from Chanute myself, I have to agree with stuckinchanute's comment. And even though it's basically irrelevant and bears a tenuous relevancy at best, I find myself rooting for the underdog. After all, Chanute is most likely one of the densest breeding grounds in KS of complete fucking morons. SO I'll bear my flag proudly and admit that I, too, am a complete fucking moron--not by choice, but by designation.
(And in all seriousness, how can Lew run Mangino out of town citing a less-than-savory media appearance when Lew has looked like a complete fucking prick throughout this entire witchhunt? What successful coach wants to come to KS now and know that he'll be jettisoned from town as soon as he fucks up in the most minute way despite any wins, championships or otherwise? All I can say is: you're next, Self; hope none of those sorostitutes you bang in your limo after hours in front of the Barrel House go public...)

ch.p watcher! said...

Self, sororstitues, limos, and teh Barrel House? Methinks Chip just found a new goal in life!

chip's not alone said...

I want some of that sweet Barrel House action too!

(as long as I don't have to actually go in that place again!).

Anonymous said...

Hey now. Barrel House is the perfect place to hit on sorostitutes. Because face it; the music sucks ass. Whoever decided that two-six wannabe Ben Folds shitheads could keep ppl in a bar for an entire night was obviously and certainly...a genius. Paradoxical, I know. Kudos to Bill Self and the KU basketball coaching staff for picking that as their pussy hang out instead of the Hawk. Which has shitty music just the same, but it's not live and crappily-adapted to a piano. Fuck. Why don't I think of these ultra-simplified business models for rich Johnson County shitheads so I can become rich? Rhetorical question. I don't. Because I'm a dumbass.