Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Boys Consider the UDK's "Top of the Hill" Awards!

At this time of the year, the boys love to read best-of-the-year lists (and to make their own). One of their favorites is the "Top of the Hill" awards chosen by KU students, and this year's list offers the usual mix of the predictable and baffling.

Let's start with the baffling.

Free State Brewery wins for "best steakhouse?" Can you be a steakhouse if you only feature one steak on the menu and are patently NOT a steakhouse? The boys vote no.

More predictable is the choice of Abe and Jake's for "best dance club" for the third year running. Newcomer Wilde's Chateau clocked in as a strong runner-up, however.

Chip: "If I wanted to grind, I'd go to Abe and Jake's, no question. Unless I wanted to grind on a dude, at which point I guess I can see the appeal of Wilde's."

For "best coffee," KU's non-adventurous students opted for Starbucks over local favorites Java Break and Milton's. La Prima Tazza didn't even register in the polls, which is surely making a lot of grad student hipsters cry in their Iced Cinnamon Chai Lattes right about now. In fact, chains defeated the locals in many categories: Five Guys Burger and Fries defeated Dempsey's Burger Stand in the "burger" category (Richard: "Actually, I agree with this.") and Buffalo Wild Wing's bested Biemer's in the "barbecue" category (Richard: "Morons!").

The winner for best live-music venue: Granada. Actually, hipsters are probably happy about this one, as it means that students have perhaps not discovered the Replay yet.

Oddly missing from this year's categories: "best overall bar." Quinton's was the hands-down winner last year, and Chip will surely be upset that Q's didn't get a chance to repeat.

The boys are currently hard at work (and we do mean hard as in "erect") on their own Quinton's-related awards, which features categories such as "Best Overall Waitress" (will it be perennial favorite Woodchuck or sexy newcomer 'library chick?') and "Sweetest Titties."


Waitressless in Wisconsin said...

I look forward to the boys' list (hopefully with pics!) The joy of living in a college town: you get older but the waitresses stay as young (and firm) as ever.

Chip-Cam said...

If we were more technologically savvy, we'd like to start doing some live broadcasts from Q's!

photojournalism! said...

Don't worry about the live broadcasts, we'll take the pics and be happy! If R.scin can document hipster nightlife (ad nauseam), surely LC can chronicle the hard-working waitresses of Q's!

I Fucking Phone said...

If I had this video shit on my phone when I was in Lawrence, I would snake it in, up down and around those cheap whores until we had definitive proof of what was on that tall bitch's panties!

Also: women's basketball is the worst thing ever and I'm fairly certain that Kip tries to blow himself every morning using 'yoga techniques'.

--Thought I'd stop by and play video games!