Saturday, July 26, 2008

This Weekend in Local Art News!

Downtown Larryville has a new art space called The Percolator, and this weekend brings the opening of something called "The Dime Bag Show" in which local artists transform various items from the Social Service League into "art."

Chip says: "A dime bag is a reference to weed, and I can only imagine some will be smoked at this show. Naturally, I've never tried it myself but I understand that, when you smoke it, everything seems like 'art,' even the interminable guitar noodlings of stupid hippie jam bands. I'm tempted to call the authorites and get this show shut down. We've got too much art in this town, and not enough bars."

Richard: "Does Ft. Scott have any art galleries, Chip?"

Chip: "Of course not. Now we do have 'arts and crafts,' which is different. That's practical. A person can easily get some use out of a kazoo whittled from an oak branch. And some people do have paintings of black-velvet Elvises and dogs playing poker (that one always cracks me up...just to see those pooches gambling!). But I assume they bought those paintings in Joplin. Is there art in Romance?"

Richard: "Actually, we did have a woman who painted. Pictures of lighthouses. Exclusively. They were quite nice. She had her own little space in the attic of an abandoned house that eventually became the town 'library.' A friend says she mostly sat around up there and ate bananas."

Chip: "Romance had a library?"

Richard: "For a little while, yeah. It was really more of an 'archives' for local documents and such. But they had a few books and I think they did a brisk business with the Left Behind series."

Chip: "Oh, I like those! It's fun to think about armageddon! The movie with Kirk Cameron was good too. Remember him on Growing Pains. His friend was named Boner. Holy shit! Boner! Television used to be so much better."

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Dr. C said...

I used to own a copy of Left Behind. It was left on my windshield. Many of y'all probably had that, too. I actually tried to watch it, and failed. Now I'll never know what to do in the post-rapture chaos.