Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is This Art, or Isn't It? / Plus, "Barack Chalk Jayhawk" (another T-shirt controversy!)

Tonight, local band Black Christmas brings their "multi-media project" called "Piece Now" to the Replay.

Richard says: "I've seen some powerful and moving art over the years at the Replay, ranging from the short train films of the Hobo Film Festival to performance art featuring models covered in paint to the Hardaways' infamous 'recreation' of Abbey Road, and I assume tonight's performance will be memorable as well."

Kip says: "If it's happening at the Replay, I can assure you that it's not art. Can art exist in an environment where people are too drunk on PBR to remember it? Of course not. Art exists in museums and other designated spaces.


In other news, KU has turned its copyright-fury from Joe College to the local Young Democrats Club, refusing to let them print any more of their "Barack Chalk Jayhawk" shirts for fear it infringes on KU trademarks and implies a tacit endorsement of Obama's campaign.

Kip says: "I haven't really been following the election. Barack's the Muslim dude, right?"

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