Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Week in Court: KU vs. Joe College!

The trial is underway in KU's effort to stop the downtown business Joe College from selling T-shirts that infringe on various KU "trademarks." What do the boys think?

Kip: "These shirts are wicked-clever. There's one about playing with your Self. That means Coach Self. And one about shitting purple, which I believe means that we'll eat K-State and shit them out. I do a lot of holiday shopping there, including Mother's Day, and I hope it can stay open."

Richard: "I find the shirts mildly amusing at best, but I'm in favor of letting Joe College sell them, especially after they've taken the trouble to post 200 signs that say their stuff is not KU-affiliated. However, if they close down and a cool new bar pops up there, I'm okay with that too, since I prefer drinking to shopping."


Cartman said...

I hate Kip.

the Villainous Dr. S said...

I will have Kip kicked in the nutsack!

--Though I don't hate him, I view him as the Chronicle's version of Moleman from the Simpsons

where's waldo? said...

No one has actually seen Kip in quite some time! He's rumored to be in Colorado, with Dr. C, at a strip club. I'm hoping someone sends a report in!