Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Boys Review Local Cuisine!

Today's news that the (very good) Biemer's Barbecue is moving into the location of the much-missed local fast-food joint Bucky's leads the boys to reflect on various local dining options.

Vermont Street Barbecue
Richard: "I liked it better when it was on Vermont Street. It's not so much that the food was better, but just that the Mass. Street location makes it feel like such a geographical oddity."

Zen Zero:
Kip: "Once I tried to order a chicken-fried steak there. They looked at me funny."

Kelly's Cafe:
Richard: This is the closest one can find around here to a good old-fashioned 'blue-plate,' meat-and-two-veggies lunch. It's the kind of meal that makes a southerner happy. Plus, there's a porno store next door."

Kip: "I only recently went there for the first time. I always thought Milton's was like the morning equivalent of the Replay, which is to say: very freaky! But it turns out they serve normal breakfast foods."

Papa Keno's:
Richard: "Thank goodness it's reopened. I was getting so tired of seeing stupid hippies wandering around looking confused."

Kip: "I like their pizza."

Kip: "I've probably eaten here more than any other place in town, but I hate their food. Still, it's a real pleasure to eat a sandwich while staring at hot young ass. For the longest time, I was scared to try their famous 'breadbowl' soups, because I believed they were a threat to my sexuality. However, I've discovered that I can eat one and still get a boner...for women."

Various comments:

Richard: "Sushi is everywhere. It's become such a sign of 'hipness.' Downtown needs to open a 'sushi and PBR' shop. It would make a bundle."

Kip: "I've said it before and I'll say it again: This fucking town needs a fast-food chicken restaurant besides KFC!"


Ulysses Everett McGill said...

"Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!"

Errand boy sent by grocery clerks said...

Here's your Pomade.

"i'm just not sure he's a toad!" said...

Good job picking up the Coens' reference, gentlemen!

--damn, boys, we're in a tight spot!