Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Week in Local News: Ladybugs Are Everywhere! / Also: Kip Prepares For the Warped Tour!

Last Thursday city officials released some 18,000 ladybugs in town in an effort to fight aphids and mites in downtown flowerbeds.

Richard says: "Okay, this is exactly like that Simpsons episode where the lizards run amok and the town releases Chinese snakes to get rid of them but then has to release gorillas to take care of the snakes. By November, you'll likely see gorillas on 6th street."

Kip says: "Ladybugs are pretty, and I hope I can use 'let me check you for ladybugs?' as a pick-up line. Now that could be a sensual and sophisticated evening."

In other news, Kip is planning his annual trek to the Warped Tour at Verizon Ampitheatre tomorrow.

"I've always liked the emo music," he explains, "and it's nice to take a day and just wear black and hear those bands and sit in the sun and sulk, thinking about how everybody sucks. Maybe I'll get myself a piercing this year. Or a tattoo. Of a ladybug."

Richard says: "The only thing worse than emo is scream-o."

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