Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Reviews Are In! / Plus, Kip's Television Pick of the Week!

The popularity of The Larryville Chronicles has been spreading like wildfire this summer, from the headquarters of PayLess Shoes in Topeka to the mean streets of East Lawrence. Today we share what people have been saying:

"Has Kip really only seen five boobs? Because usually they come in pairs." --Ashley, PayLess

"Many of the posts are too long. Am I really supposed to read all those country lyrics?" --local children's minister and kickball star

"Once Richard explained to me that he was only using me as a satirical mouthpiece to express certain opinions, I began to "get" this blog, and no longer wanted to punch him in the face. My parents, however, were not so impressed when they discovered the blog in their computer's history. I'm grounded for the rest of the summer." --Kip

"It's sometimes funny, but my blog, Stately Pleasure Domes, has more pictures of naked women." --Dr. C,

"I enjoy writing this, but I have other writing projects I want to attend to as well. For instance, I'm thinking of trying to capitalize on the huge success of these Twilight young-girl vampire novels by writing my own series about a sensitive, insecure young wolfman who finds himself unexpectedly torn between the love of the captain of the cheerleaders and the nerdy girl who is the head of the Mathletes." --Nog

"L-Ville's inside jokes have a certain hipster-cool quotient, but the blog is less generally perceptive than others such as Stuff White People Like. They turned that one into a book." --NewYorkTimes Review of Blogs


Kip's TV Pick!

Kip says: "I just want to remind all of you that, at long last, Dog the Bounty Hunter returns to American television tonight with new episodes. Yes, his racial slurs were (for some reason) shocking to many viewers, but he's been a great hero to us here in Ft. Scott and I ask you to find it in your hearts to forgive him and enjoy his efforts to catch bailjumpers and other assorted scumbags. It's powerful television."


Dr. C said...

I think the coming-of-age werewolf novel series is long overdue. In fact, I think the werewolf motif makes a good metaphor for puberty, an opportunity that was only partly exploited with both attempts at application, Ginger Snaps and Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, Too! added nothing to the discussion, nor have the sequels to Ginger Snaps, so I think there's plenty of material for you to make some serious cultural commentary.

P.S.--He should be a marsupial.

I was a teenage werewolf! said...

Look for me on the New York Times bestseller list by spring!

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. I was on facebook, clicked something, and ended up here. Now I've spent twenty minutes reading Richard/Kip dialogue. Was this time well-spent, or time spent avoiding work? Is there a difference?

This is a dangerous distraction I've discovered.

time well-spent said...

You got here from Facebook!?

(anyway, thanks for coming and please enjoy your time here!).