Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekly Replay Roundup / Also: The Boys Discuss Art!

While it's well known that Richard spends a lot of time at the Replay, many are not quite sure what exactly he does down there. This new series offers a concise summary of the week's highlights for those who can't join him, refuse to join him, or aren't allowed to join him at his favorite watering hole:

This week: Richard arrives at the Replay to find his friend Beth encircled by a crowd of admiring former students, several of which Richard promises to dance with as soon as he's had seven or so drinks, but by the time he reaches that point Beth is gone and Richard can't find her students.

And the prior week: Richard arrives at the Replay to find Famous Ray, of Eudora, engrossed in a conversation with a friendly bearded gent wearing a pretty prom dress. Also, he later witnesses a woman who attempts to steal the tip jar, only to find herself manhandled back into the bar by several scrawny doormen.

In art-related news, tonight brings a new show to the Wonder Fair Art Gallery downtown: "For the gallery's second show, it has recruited 10 regional artists to create a wrestling character that will square off on screen-printed versus posters. On opening night, people will be able to cast their vote on the victor of each bout. The contender receiving the most votes will be crowned Grand Champion of the Universe and will be presented with the the title belt." (

Kip says: "See, this is the kind of thing that makes me think one should not do art. Wrestling itself is an art form. In Ft. Scott, we watch it on TV and we love it. Sometimes we wrestle each other in the backyard. But we don't draw pictures of it and bet on the pictures and call it art. No, sir, we do not."

Richard says: "I'm thinking about going to this."

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