Sunday, June 1, 2008

Local News: Kickball Fever and the Approach of Wakarusa!

Summertime in Larryville has increasingly become associated with kickball in recent years and lately its been impossible to visit any downtown hipster establishment without overhearing debates on which team is the one to beat this season. Will it be the Love Garden Team, known for taking breaks in their games to deliver impromptu lectures on the relative merits of SubPop vs. Matador records? Or will it be the Replay's "PBR makes us faster!" Team? And don't discount the fan-favorite Mad Greek Team, known for their rousing shouts of "Oom-pah!" with each kick. The fun begins tonight!

Also, five days remain before this year's Wakurasa Festival and migratory hippies are already beginning to trickle into town. Kip says: "Just as some people claim to smell snow before it arrives, I can smell the hippies as soon as they start to stream out of the mountains and head toward us. They smell like...the art teacher's office." (Simpsons' joke!). Kip is currently cloistered away in Ft. Scott, where he claims to be handwriting a dissertation while sitting beside a tranquil pond, watching some ducks. Rumors are circulating, however, that he's secretly training for this summer's major Iron Man festival to be held in Lawrence in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Have you read the blog "Stuff White People Like"? Apparently, white people like kick ball, and other children's games that they can play as adults. Especially when there's alcohol involved.


Dr. C said...

There's a great deal of accuracy to that blog, as far as identifying phenomena. I'm not as sure about their logic, but it's a fun read.

a white guy said...

Yes, I do read the White People blog on occassion. It's great!