Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Boys Discuss Comedy!

The proposed spin-off series for former cast member Dr. X recently raised important questions about the very nature of comedy: what is funny? And what is not? The boys sat down recently in a town hall meeting to discuss these questions (and others) with their local viewers:

Kip: To me, funny is simple. Somebody getting kicked in the crotch is funny, across the board. I can’t imagine any time it isn’t funny…unless I’m the one getting kicked.”

Richard: It’s sort of like what George says on Seinfeld-- “I like stuff you don’t have to think about. Puke is a funny word.” But the Chronicles’ intent is to offer a mix of broad comedy and sophisticated satire.”

Female viewer: “But how is a long and vulgar and fictional review of Sex and the City ‘sophisticated satire’? Here is a movie that is important to women, that treats us seriously, that is truly a cultural event, and you insist on shitting on it!”

Kip: “Shit is a funny word, almost always.”

Richard: “Our intent is simply to explore various aspects of local and popular culture and possibly reveal some important and possibly universal truths along the way. Oh, and in the process to use some vulgar language on-line, because that makes us laugh.”

Kip: “Many of our readers feel that wit is nothing but an incisive observation, humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing. (The Simpsons, “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield.”) We hope to show that it can also about me, flying kites with old men in parks.”

Richard: “Right. And we have some changes in store for the Chronicles. A little more emphasis on the surreal, the absurd. Maybe a little less focus on Kip. Kip’s antics are hugely popular, especially with the 50-70 year old demographic which thinks he’s a “nice boy, but misunderstood,” but we hope to show that there are other things going on in Larryville as well. For instance, sometimes I hit the town without Kip. What happens on those nights? No one knows for sure. But it may be worth pursuing.”

Dr C: “I enjoy puns. Also limericks. Do you think you could employ more of those?”

Richard: “We’ll do our best.”

Male viewer: “I wish there were more pictures of titties. Is there any way that might happen?”

Richard: “Sadly, that’s unlikely here. We don’t want people to think we’re perverts. But I understand it’s possible to see naked people in other places on the web.”

Kip: “It is? I suppose I should really look into this intra-web.”

Dr. C: “My blog, Stately Pleasure Domes, occasionally has titties on it. But only because it’s part of my job to examine them.”

Richard: “I like that picture of Anne Hathaway.”

Dr. C: “Thanks.”

Female viewer: “There seems to be a lot of emphasis on sex here but yet the boys don’t seem to get laid. Why is that?”

Richard: “Because you won’t sleep with us.”

Kip: “She’s probably a feminist. Next question please.”

Dr. C: “If they’d try harder, they could get more ‘love treasure.”

Richard: “That’s a reference to a previous post! We plan to use more “inside” humor as well, to reward long-term fans. It should truly be bitchcakes!”

Dr. X: “I enjoy humor that is not about me and never uses my name. Is that possible?”

Richard: “Yes.”

Female viewer: “Do you think the humor of the Larryville Chronicles will stand the test of time, or is just a passing fad?”

Richard: “I think it’s kind of like The Simpsons. Eventually it will stop being funny. But you’ll still watch it.”

Kip: “Another thing that’s always funny is a monkey. If people get bored, we’ll just add a chimp or two!”


Dr. C said...

Nice post. Snappy writing. And all your quotes are "scarily accurate," to use a Facebookism. And here's a Limerick that also has puns:

There once was a plumber from Lee
Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
She said, "Stop your plumbing,
There's somebody coming!"
Said the plumber still plumbing: "It's me!"

a man from nantucket said...

Awesome! It's too bad Kip only knows knock-knock jokes and Richard mainly knows jokes about farmer's daughters.

Dr. C said...

Farmers' daughters jokes are good, too.