Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Philosophy Night at the Pig is Slated to Return!

Long-time viewers may recall the boys' short-lived side project, in which they gathered once a week to debate serious matters of philosophy, politics, and culture (as opposed to what some critics have termed the "frivolous" concerns of the Chronicles). The project was quickly disbanded because, as Kip put it, "it's more fun to talk about titties," but it's being revived for the summer.

Most episodes are expected to revolve around a central issue, even while lending themselves to wide-ranging discussion. Tonight's question: "In the philosophical scheme of things, who is ultimately more important--Schopenhaur or Schlegel?" Expect a riveting night of discussion along these lines:

Kip: "Shlegel's influence is ever-present."

Richard: "Sure, but Schopenhaur's shit is the bitchcakes, yo!"


Dr. C said...

An important feature of the Tuesday night philosophy night was getting to meet a different sort of girl, more cultured than the Q-crowd. Lemme know if you see any.

Are there Noir nights this summer.

Good to see Nog's catchphrase catching on.

Dissertation Writer said...

No mention of the upcoming downtown Wilco show? Will a chronicler be chronicling this highly chronic Larryville occurrence?!

american aquarium drinker said...

I'm already in line and drunk, Clothier! Get down here!

The Pig had a lovely bartendress working last night, the kind of gal who looked well-versed in Art (as well as the erotic arts). Of course we did not talk to her.