Thursday, May 29, 2008

Local News Update

Tonight is the midnight premiere of the Sex and the City film and of course the boys plan to be there, not necessarily to see the film but to socialize in the lobby, assuming that most of the women out at that hour will be lonely or horny or drunk or some combination of the three.

Elsewhere in Lawrence, the new Eastside grocery store known as the "Eastside People's Market" is preparing to open its doors. The place is collectively owned and, according to those owners, not interested in making a profit but simply determined to provide local residents with delicious vegetarian and vegan products and save them a long hike or bike ride to Ghetto Dylan's.

Kip says: "This is an affront to capitalism! And I certainly won't be shopping there... although I might hang out nearby and make fun of the hippies while eating a slab of beef."

Of late, Richard has taken to hanging out at Charlie's Eastside with a rotating group of farmers, theologians, and artists. "I want to understand their freewheeling ways," Richard explains, "and contrast it with my own experience in the rather constrictive world of academia, where people talk a good game about art but never, as Kip might say, actually DO art. I have a feeling there's much for me to learn."

So far he's learned that, on the East Side, people will let you use their internet connection if you provide them with fresh lettuce out of your communal garden.


Dr. C said...

Where you hanging out on the East Side, Nog?

Go get that Gooch, Kip!

Good luck on the challenges. Gary is a tough old bird.

Who's playing me in the musical? seems to have put on some weight . . . not to mention style.

The Gooch said...

Kip's ass is grass!

Anonymous said...

Nog is hanging at Charlie's Eastside (just a few blocks east of Mass. but worlds away in spirit).

The boys will be doing their own singing in the musical, which will be a mix of originals (Richard's tender ballad about his feelings for the Replay) and classics (Kip's rendition of the Monty Python "penis song": "Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Isn't it frightfully good to have a dong?").

Anonymous said...

It's just one of those days. said...

Yup, they've begun calling me "Fatty Fatty Fat Fat" for some reason. I guess "Stylish Stylish Style Style" didn't roll off the tongue.