Friday, May 2, 2008

New Episode Review: Charlie's Eastside! / Also: The Boys Discuss Art!

As funnel clouds circled ominously about them, the boys discovered an oasis of calm on the back porch at Charlie's Eastside. A hungry Kip arrived hoping for some of Charlie's famous tacos but was disappointed when all Charlie had to offer was "a few burritos in the freezer." Kip declined, making a fine dinner out of a pitcher of 3.2beer. Charlie's shattered most of Kip's misconceptions about the Eastside. Richard explained: "See, this is a gentle country of bohemians and communal gardens, a place where horse-drawn carriages pass along the cobblestone streets." Kip was forced to admit the place had a certain charm but remained skeptical of the communal garden: "In Fort Scott, if I grow some tomaters, they're MY fucking tomaters," he said.

In art-related news, a new exhibit called The Commons opened this week in Spooner Hall. According to the Daily Kansan, "One of the exhibit’s pieces depicts a water buffalo struggling to survive in a sea of blue and white plastic water bottles."

Kip says: "Now this is a powerful piece, which I believe represents technology's increasing encroachment on the natural world. Notice the sadness of the buffalo. It's like he's crying, and I can hear his tears right through the painting!"

Richard says: "Wow. Really, Kip?"

Kip says: "No. I'm kidding. I think it's very dumb."

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