Friday, May 9, 2008

Coming Soon: Theme Nights! / Also: Stop Day Eve Review

How will the Chronicles remain fresh once they've visited every bar in town? Well, by using the tried and true method of gimmickry, of course! This summer, look for the boys to focus evenings around certain themes, such as:

Animal Bars: (Pig, Bull, Dirty Bird)
Lounge Night: (Shenago, Jet Lag, Replay!)...also, Tavern Night!
Dance Party, USA: (Liquid, Abe and Jake's, Neon 80's Party)

Viewers tuning in to the traditional Stop Day Eve episode last night were likely disapointed by the lack of activity. When Richard rolled back into town near midnight, he found Kip already passed out in the ditch near All-Stars. We hope to get a report on Kip's evening in the near future, as many questions remain unanswered, such as: Where was Kip's pants?

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