Thursday, May 1, 2008

Art: Live on Campus! / Plus, New Episode Tonight!

This Saturday brings us the Spencer Museum Art Fair, which promises we can "Explore innovative painting methods--paint with your feet, throw paint-filled balloons, or contribute to a painting installation—as part of activities designed to re-enact some of the avant-garde artistic practices developed by Japanese artists in the

Kip says
: "Avante-garde is French and it translates as "making shit up as you go and pretending it's art." Art is only art if it's carefully and painstakingly constructed. Feet art is not real art. And performance art is the worst art of all. Basically it means doing things on stage that would get you arrested in real life, like exposing yourself."

In other news, join the boys tonight as they begin the last leg of their journey, which will finally take them to the most notorious student bars (as soon as the semester ends) and perhaps even the strip clubs (where Kip enjoys engaging the strippers in discussions of Catholicism during lapdances: perverse!).


Dr. C said...

Do they allow naked rigged-up Maude-Lebowski-style painting? That'd be worth coming out for!

How many bars do you guys have left on the tour? Will there be an official celebration when you get to the last one?

And when is the Chronicles book coming out?

There you should be a "Follow in Noggle's Footsteps" T-Shirt with a checklist of bars so KU undergrads can hit all the spots before leaving town.

the leader said...

Assuming we make it to Charlie's tonight, I think that leaves: Bullwinkle's, Hawk, Abe and Jake's, Brothers, Liquid Bottleneck, All-Stars, Dirty Bird, and Outhouse (which I suppose technically doesn't qualify because they don't SERVE alcohol and is outside the city limits...but we'll say it DOES qualify because the ladies are fully nude!).

After party is at the Replay!

The book is coming soon!

Dr. C said...

I'll have to see if I can get leave to help you round out the last three or four (including the afterparty at the best bar on the planet (as near as I know)).

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Pride Night at The Granada! That's the one that got my vote.


not a very good counter said...

And somehow I forgot Coyote's and The Ranch, which I'm actually looking forward to since I recently learned some sexy new dance moves!

Beth, won't you be upset if Kip becomes the new Pride Princess!?