Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Chronicles Announce a Fall Spin-Off Series! / Plus, This Week in Local News

Former cast member Dr. S. returns to the airwaves this fall in the starring role of a new sitcom (currently titled: Hillbilly Prof) in which he plays a sophisticated urban professor transplanted to the wilds of rural Arkansas. The show is said to be a classic culture-clash/fish-out-of-water tale that centers around his attempts to deal with common rural problems, such as what to do with a student who insists on bringing his goat to class. Expect a mix of witty verbal humor arising from Dr. S's misunderstandings of his students' thick southern drawls as well as a fair amount of slapstick comedy (Dr. S. attempts to field-dress a deer; Dr. S. visits the old swimming hole; etc). Cameos from Richard are likely during holiday episodes.

In Larryville this week, the city has announced yet another Outdoor Summer Noir Film Series for downtown.

Kip says: "Noirs are black and white mysteries that no one cares about. If you want the crowds to show up, give us real films, such as Maid in Manhattan. I'd enjoy seeing that under the stars while making out. With a girl."

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