Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Boys Discover "Rock N Roll Dating!"

The new website www.rocknrolldating.com attempts to match people based first and foremost on their musical interests. Naturally, the boys are joining!

Richard says: "If a woman lists Dave Matthews as one of her favorites, you can bet she's never getting into MY pants! And I'll never even speak to anyone who doesn't have Wilco within their top ten."

Kip says: "I've attempted to construct a very well-rounded musical profile for myself. I've listed a few classical composers to show I'm a serious person (although the truth is that classical music makes me very nervous). And I've listed a few important current bands, like The Fray, to show that I'm on the cutting edge! I also listed a few bands that I enjoy making love to, such as Better Than Ezra. This shows my naughty side."

The boys encourage our many, many female readers to join the site and date them (but only if you like the right bands).

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Too Old to Rock n Roll said...

Wow, yet another part of Kip that is well-rounded!