Monday, May 12, 2008

The Chronicles Present: Brushes With Greatness, Vol. I

Over the years, the boys and company have had numerous celebrity-related encounters, such as:

(1) In a Tulsa piano bar, Richard meets Jeanne Tripplehorn's father. You may know her from Big Love and Basic Instinct (she gets naked in that one). Her father is very nice and plays the piano.

(2) In the Yacht Club restroom, Kip joins Coach S.lf at the urinals to discuss graduate school and athletics. Kip himself doesn't really have to piss. He just feels it's a natural place for manly conversation (along with a quick glimpse at the Championship-winning wang).

3) In a nearly-deserted Granada after a show, Dr. Grab-ass (Shannon) meets rocker-on-the-rise Josh Ritter (picture below), who is currently gaining favorable comparisons in the press to Dylan and Springsteen. "Kiss me in a very literate and sensitive, singer-songwriter-like fashion," she requests of this tunesmith. By this point, Richard had left, and he did not get a chance to inquire why Ritter insists on covering a fairly obscure Modest Mouse tune.

The boys have always had high hopes of scoring big-time celebrity guest stars (such as Gary Coleman) on the Chronicles. Maybe one day this will happen.

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Dr. Grabass said...

Josh is pretty serious about his huggin'. That's all I have to say.