Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Boys Discuss Art at the Pig / Plus, This Week in Local News: Wilco!

The boys were unexpectedly joined by prodigal son Z-Man at the Pig on Tuesday. He was in rare form, regaling the boys with hilarious stories of past loves and engaging them in a discussion of art in which he and Richard passionately defended the contemporary and experimental whereas Kip, rooted in tradition, made such proclamations as "Music is not music unless it has lyrics" (at which point the great classical composers shook their heads from beyond the grave and said "All has been for naught."). Kip went on to make disparaging statements about Explosions in the Sky, a favorite band of Z-Man's, who then called Kip a "tone-deaf fucker". The boys enjoyed delicious beers served by a beautiful (and no doubt artsy) bartendress, while Z-Man declined the alcohol, preferring instead to "enjoy my bubblegum."

Then: Yesterday in Larryville appeared an event which Richard proclaimed "the most important day in Lawrence since Saturday June 18th, 2005" (when Wilco played at Wakarusa). Yes, it's true, America's greatest rock band played a show in downtown Lawrence last night! Richard and local tunesmith Matt Cl.thier (known in some circles as "the James Dean of the English Department") arrived early to catch the soundcheck then joined Kip for drinks at a local tavern, where Richard met with a group of blog-admirers and learned that at least one of them believed that Kip himself was the author of "Kip Reads the Classics." (Richard was so pleased! and he would like to thank Emily for giving him the idea of what will surely be the dirtiest blog post ever: Kip Reads Penthouse Letters!...stay tuned...that post is...cumming this summer!). Kip soon adjourned (scared of the inordinate amount of hippies, hipsters, and general freaks gathered for the festivities), and everyone else, including most of the English Department, gathered to watch the great prophet Jeff Tweedy at work (pictured below, followed by a picture of local freeloaders watching without paying from the parking garage: look close and you might see Kip!).

Coming later this summer: in August, Lawrence is slated to play host to a downtown Busker Festival, in which street performers from all over the country will descend on our fair city, eating fire, walking on stilts, and juggling. Kip is expected to hide under his bed for the entire weekend.


Dr. C said...

That Wilco show sounds awesome! Not to mention the artistic babe. Hey, I'm not gonna make it out for the festivus this weekend, but I hope you guys have a good time.

I'm especially disappointed about karaoke, since I've been having a hankering for it.

I'll try to get your grad gift in the mail tomorrow.

I hope it's porn! said...

No problem about the trip. But I'll be checking the mail for that gift!

Yes, it's been a long time since drunken karaoke. And I can't imagine what karaoke at the Replay may look like!? I'm sure it's the kind of thing that would scare Kip senseless!