Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Chronicles' Awards Ceremony, Part One!

As the boys' journey enters the home stretch, they want to salute some of the bars they have visited along the way by issuing these awards! Thanks for the memories, bars! (except for the ones we'd rather forget).

Chattiest bartenders: The New Shenago (we learned more bar-related history on this night than any other...who would have ever thought the owner of Louise's is really a cold-blooded murderer!).

The bar which taught Kip the valuable lesson that L-Ville is really not as "lily-white" as he always imagined: Crosstown Tavern.

The bar where the boys were almost mauled by cougars and made to drink tomato-flavored beers: Jet Lag Lounge.

Sexiest waitresses: Q's (Kip is wrong about a lot of things...but he's onto something here... let's admit it).

Most disgusting nachos (but best place for a potential look at Bill S.lf's schlong): Yacht Club

Best chicken fried steak: Slow Ride Roadhouse (also the most pristine bathrooms!).

Best all-around bar: Replay Lounge (Esquire magazine concurs).


Anonymous said...

There was a place with dip worse than the bar next to the bowling alley?!


the dip scholar said...

Yes, it's hard to believe, but true! The Yacht Club dip was actually documented in a series of pictures taken by Dr. S's Iphone!