Friday, April 18, 2008

New Episode Review: Crosstown Tavern and Granada Jazz Night!

On a rainy evening, the boys finally ventured to Haskell Square, which is Richard's pick for best local strip mall. One could easily spend a full day out there: biscuits and gravy at Kelly's Diner to start off the day; a morning perusing the porn at Miracle Video; lunch at Midwest Catfish House; an afternoon perusing the porn at Miracle Video and checking out the new hippie EastSide art gallery; an evening drinking at the Crosstown Tavern; and then maybe renting some porn to take home. At any rate, the boys visit to the Crosstown was uneventful, despite recent LJ-World reports of gun battles at the bar. The locals were all peacefully celebrating someone's birthday with some loud soul music, and Kip found himself thinking: "I never recognized just how white I am until tonight. Lordy, I'm a white man through and through."

Later in the evening the boys found themselves at what was probably the inaugural evening of the Granada's new Thursday Jazz Night. The crowds have yet to discover this delightful evening in the Lounge, but Richard predicted it will soon be a hotspot for local hipsters who enjoy Miller Lite draws for one buck. The jazz duo announced that they'd be "playing the standards" for us this evening, and Kip was briefly excited, assuming they meant Better Than Ezra and STP. He was soon quite disappointed to find they were referring to Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington, and he left in a huff saying: "No one knows good music these days!"


Dr. C said...

Not only is Dr. C shaking his ass, but he's doing it with a fine-looking chick, too!

Haskell may indeed be the best strip mall, especially if you need to check in with your parole officer and/or get a payday loan. You also forgot to mention picking up your paraphernalia at the corner gas station. Did the liquor store next to the catfish place survive, or did they go out of business?

your parole officer said...

I believe it's the liquor store that's turning into an art gallery!

And the catfish house has changed owners and now serves all kinds of stuff (but still some catfish).