Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Viewers Are Speaking! / The Boys Consider Works of Art, Vol. II

So far Granada's Pride Night is emerging as a winner in the viewer's poll (although some suspect Kip is casting all those votes himself!). If the voting continues as expected, Kip will soon be attempting to unseat Beth as Pride Night Princess!

As the boys enter the home stretch of the Chronicles, expect to see them out and about on different nights, due to the fact that many of the remaining bars (Abe and Jake's, Coyote's, etc) only thrive at late hours and on weekends.

This week's art topic is Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Kip says: "Van Gogh cut off his ear. Art makes you crazy. Thumbs down."

Richard says: "It's really just a tree, and a town, and the moon and stars, isn't it? I like my art to have pictures of women in it. Thumbs down."

Z-Man says: "Once I ate a wild forest mushroom and saw a vision that was quite similar to this. Thumbs up."

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