Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Chronicles Present: Sights, Sounds, and Smells of the Championship!

A short list of our favorite moments:

--silly naked hippie getting smashed by beer cups after N.C. game

--White Owl walking the streets before N.C. game

--pre-championship beer and meditation hour at the Replay (Kip puts his head on the bar and announces: "We're doomed.")

--a guy with a sign saying "Slay the Memphis Vampires!" (?), being followed by a man with a video camera

--Kip giving up and going home early then being forced to run downtown for the final moments (the first time he did any serious running since the '88 victory)

--guy on the Replay roof with crowd below chanting, "Jump!"

--girl projectile vomiting, chugging a beer, puking again, then jumping and cheering

--giant paper-mache Jayhawk-man

--Masami enters the fray to "get a better view" and is swept away like a small raft on an angry sea (let's hope he's okay!)

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