Monday, April 28, 2008

The Boys Plan to Celebrate May Day at Charlie's Eastside! /Plus, Kip Considers Campus News

The boys are slated to visit one of Lawrence's least-known bars this week: Charlie's Eastside, a place Kip believes is simply an urban legend. Richard, however, claims to have been there twice, including a recent evening spent on the porch with a group of local actors and theologians and during which a horse-drawn carriage inexplicably passed by. Who knows what the boys will encounter on May Day in the eastside? Locals dancing naked around a May Pole, perhaps? Will Kip learn to love the eastside and plant some "tomaters" in the community garden? Tune in to see.

In other news, KU recently opened a shiny new Multicultural Center next to the Union. Kip says: "Now don't get me wrong: I love diversity. I have a huge thing for Asian women. And once I made out with an Indian chick right at the bar at Quinton's. But I find it disturbing that KU can find the time for this new center while the much-needed stadium complex of the Orange Bowl champions remains half-finished."

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