Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Boys Consider Campus News, Vol. II: Sexy Week

From today's UDK:

"Students colored pictures of vaginas and penises on Wescoe Beach Monday to kick off Delta Force's Sexy Week. The pictures were ment to educate students about their own bodies. "Sexy is ourselves," ___ ___, Topeka sophomore said. "It is important to know what we look like all over."

Kip says: "Sexy Week is fun. I enjoy being outdoors and painting pictures of pussies."

Richard says: "Every week is Sexy Week on the Chronicles. Once, Dr. C. made a model of a G-Spot with Corona bottles."


Dr. C said...

I miss Sexy Week every week. I miss Spring in Lawrence. What're the blossoms like this year?

I speak Dr. C's language said...

The blossoms are perky!