Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Episode Review: Dempsey's Pub!

Located in the former home of The Bar (before that the Mad Hatter and before that Rick's Place), Dempsey's Pub is a new Irish-themed bar with a shelf life of probably about as long as those former businesses. At shortly after 8:00, Kip and Richard were the first customers. Richard related his adventures that afternoon listening to Tom Brokaw at the Dole Institute. He invited Mr. Brokaw to be a guest on the Chronicles and debate Kip over what is truly the "greatest generation" (Kip claims it's Fort Scott's class of '96), but Brokaw had other obligations. The music at Dempsey's was loud and fast Irish punk, a perfect soundtrack for an old-fashioned Irish brawl or the mosh-pit at a Riverdance concert, but the three new customers who entered were peaceable sorts who joined Kip and Richard at the bar and engaged Richard in a discussion of various bourbons (Richard, a beer man, was out of his element). Later in the evening, the boys stopped at the Eldridge for a nightcap and found the formerly premiere Thursday night hotspot to be dead in the water. Lawrence nightlife is fickle. The scene has shifted. But where have all the "beautiful people," the trendsetters, gone? Hopefully to the Replay.

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