Monday, April 7, 2008

From the Ashes of the Old Chronicles Rises...Something Quite Similar!

With the old blog on the verge of being shut down (possibly due to its provocative nature or possibly due to technological snafus that were caused by Kip), let us turn our attention to this new land, a blank slate full of promise, uncontrolled by the mysterious "Big-Brother"-like presence of Dr. S.

Here you will find all your old favorites (continuing coverage of Kip and Richard's attempt to visit every bar in Lawrence; occasional pictures of sexy women we'd like to bone; coverage of important local events such as funny shit that happens at the Replay Lounge), as well as entertaining new features, such as "Kip Discusses Literature" and "Is This Art, or Not?".

We hope you enjoy your visits here.


Dr. S! said...

Big Brother indeed!

Some jack fuck gets snippity with the old site and my privs get revoked! I cry shenanigans... and if I find the little shit who buttoned us... they will get the effing kipping of their lives!

--Now show me naked pictures of Shannon immediately!

meet the new boss same as the old boss said...

This blog will show you many things.

(until it's removed by "The Man.")