Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kip Comments on the Classics, Vol. II: The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is a book I've always connected with. Jay Gatsby has a lot of money and he yearns for Daisy Buchanan. I also yearn. Often. Usually for sorority girls. I think we all do. Yearn, that is. Not necessarily all of us for sorority girls. But see, it's universal, which I believe is necessary to make a classic. There are a lot of beautiful people in this book and once I compared them to Clothier and his entourage and he took offense and stayed mad at me for eight weeks and didn't invite me to his shows anymore. There's a green light in this book and I believe it's a symbol. Money is also green. And at the end of the book "the green breast of the New World" is also mentioned. But at this point it's hard to think about symbolism because when I see a "breast," even if it's simply a word on the page, I begin to think about "breasts," not necessarily green ones. It's a very sexy book and I recommend it to everyone.


Dr. C said...

Some of this actually is from Kip's commentary on GG! I remember it well.

Dr. S! said...

You took a class with the Kip?

My god... how did you survive without 'opening a vein'! And since when did Kip start reading prose works... unless they invovled dead Greeks and Romans?

--Re-add me on facebook, ya magnificent bastard!

Women against mongoloid stalkers said...

Kip must be destroyed!

Dr. C said...

No, I never took a class w/ Kip, but we did periodically discuss literature between our musings on liquor, sports, and, of course, exquisite examples of feminine anatomy.