Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Week in Local News!

In this occasional feature (intended mostly to keep Dr. C. informed about life in L-Town!) we examine pertinent happenings about town.

Top events this week:

1) The Crossing was destroyed to make way for a new luxury high-rise hotel. While Richard spent only one night drinking there during his long stint in Lawrence, he somehow already misses the place: "I just liked knowing it was there if I needed it."

2) Saturday's Earth Day celebrations brought hordes of hippies (and even a few hipsters) to South Park on a warm spring afternoon, among them Richard and even local troubador Matt Cl.thier. Noticeably absent was Kip, who spent the afternoon driving around town in his SUV, throwing plastic bottles and old computers out the window. "I'm not green at all," he said. "And I'm loving it!"

3) After an absence of many months, Dr. S. was spotted in local swanky hangout The Star Bar on Friday, drinking frozen drinks with parasols in them. "Professors don't hang in dive bars," he said. "Professors hang in star bars."


Dr. C said...

It is good to be informed! I miss both Earth Day and 4/20 in Lawrence.

I also only drank once at the Crossing (but that one time did also include a free sandwich from Yellow Sub), and didn't particularly enjoy it. But the concept, the bar just steps from campus, now that was something to be treasured. And the tipsy coeds on the patio.

Dr S(o SEXY!) said...


And if we can continue going to SEXY joints... my departing column on Lawrence SEXY night life may come to pass!


Trips to local gentleman's clubs (VFW hall!)
An excursion out to the Boat! (to do some fishing)
A HOT and SEXY model shoot (where Beth tries to stick a pitchfork in my ass a la Mapplethorpe!)

an angler said...

Let's fish! (for cougars!).