Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Week in Local News / Kip Reads the Classics, Vol.V: The Sun Also Rises

This week saw the return of Matt Cl.thier, as he joined the boys on one of their off-nights to discuss literary pursuits at Quinton's. While most people believe that Cl.thier lives the wild, debauchery-fueled life of a rock star, it was (somewhat disappointingly) revealed that he prefers quiet nights at home in which he writes his dissertation proposal and watches old Patrick Dempsey films (Can't Buy Me Love being a particular favorite).

This week marked the emergence of two new doctors, both of them former guest stars on the Chronicles: Kristin the "Dragon-Slayer" and Lisa "Kingpin" Hoot! Congratulations to them!

KU's debate team joined the basketball squad in national championship honors. Kip says: "If they're not shooting a ball through a hoop or passing a ball down a field, I really couldn't give a fuck. I hardly think that the girls will show the titties in the streets because someone won a debate about global warming."

The Sun Also Rises:

Kip says: "Hemingway is a writer I admire. He was a real man's man, like myself, always hunting and fishing and going to bullfights. In Fort Scott it's not bullfighting but bullriding, at the rodeo, but it's a similar thing, except we don't kill the bulls and people only rarely get killed by the bulls. The Sun Also Rises is a famous Modernist text, which I believe means that nothing much happens in it. It's after World War I and Jakes Barnes can't get it up and he travels around Europe talking to Lady Brett and drinking a lot. A former professor once told me that it's all about the "sterility of the modern world." That's symbolic, I think. I find it it to be a dull book, but yet it's similar to my own life with the drinking and the not sleeping with the girls, except of course I can get it up at a moment's notice, as soon as I walk into Quinton's it's like: BOING! Hello, ladies! Anyway, at the end of the book there's a line where Lady Brett says something about how she and Jake could have been happy together and he says, "Isn't it pretty to think so." It's very modern to be cynical, like the hipsters at the Replay, but the book would be better if they got married and suddenly he was able to get a boner again."

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