Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Feature! Kip Comments on Classic Literature, Vol. I

In this fast-paced world, who has time to read everything that one should read? In this new series, Kip provides concise summary and analysis of the world's best works of literature in a way that will spare you the trouble of reading them or, if you've already read them, make you rethink these old works in new ways. Enjoy.


Kip says: "Yeah, it's a war novel. But it's funny. But war isn't funny, is it? I don't think so. So I'm confused right off the bat. Is it okay to laugh, or am I being insensitive, like that time I said women basketball players were like horses on rollerskates? I think I 'm supposed to laugh at this novel, but in a serious way. Laugh while I learn, I guess. Generally I don't like to learn while I'm laughing. Example: Jackass 2. Good film, poor educational value. But I suppose classics are supposed to teach me something. That's whey they're called art. The book is about Yossarian. Weird name. There are a lot of characters in it. Too many. You don't necessarily have to learn all their names, though. One character is called "Nately's whore." This is offensive to women, I think. You can skip that part if you're a feminist. The book is long, awfully long. Basically, Yossarian can't leave the war because there's a catch. Right: Catch-22. So eventually he deserts. I think this is a book for liberals. Hippies loved it, back in the day. Maybe they still do, when they're not out protesting."

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